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New Materials-The Plastic Alloy

Since the last decade, driven by the rapid development of automobile, electronics manufacturing and other related industries, Chinese plastic alloy industry has a fast growing.

Many domestic R&D institutions have done a lot of research in this field, as well as some application examples. But, when it compared to the market abroad, we still weak in this field, our research and production are not well coordinated, the whole industry are still in a low level, and which external dependence is very high.

The number of Chinese modified plastics enterprise has reached thousands by the end of 2012, and most of them are foreign enterprise, the independent scale production enterprise is rarely.

As a part of modified plastics, plastic alloy has listed as the focus of the industry to encourage the development of new materials during the “twelfth five-year”.  

According to some experts, with the development of economic and related industries, the aggregate demand of our plastic alloy growth rate will remain above 10% in the next five years.

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