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We always regard human resources management as the most important link of business operation. On the basis of ‘People First, Management Legalized’ principle, we try to offer a level playing field to our staff by such management policy as ‘Clear definition of powers and responsibilities, position in commensuration with capability, and rational salary structure’. We appoint officials through open recruitment, stimulate our precipitated talents and help them find way to distinction, thus achieving effective exploitation and rational allocation of human resources. We’ve created a full-fledged incentive mechanism of talent introduction, in-service training and human resources management. Through the implementation of salary system, technical training and title evaluation, etc. we can constantly improve staff's quality and optimize personnel structure. We’re convinced that the effective exploitation and scientific management of human resources is indispensable to our long-term sustainable development. And it’s our Holy Grail to establish an efficient, equitable and streamlined incentive mechanism.
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