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Jinggongshe is strongly committed to quality and quality control systems are accredited to ISO 9001.We have independent quality control

department who controls every plastic mold and plastic moldingparts quality inspection step from incoming material, production process

of mold making and plastic molding,assembly, packing, as well as cargo shipment.


Main QC documents

1.Supplier audit procedures

2.Product identification and products plasticity process

3.Incoming material inspection procedures

4.Inspection procedures for the production process,

5.Final inspection procedures

6.Inspection and test status of the control procedures,

7.Corrective and preventive measures control procedures

8.Customer complain control procedure

Main QC documents

Mold design quality control

1.DFM (Design for manufacture) analysis.

2.Study customer’s specification in detail.

3.Check the mold drawing as per customer’s specification and standard (mold technique data) before we send to our customer for approval, then proceed with mold making.

4.Complex mold should have engineering meeting, we must ensure the mold structure is suitable for mold making and molding.


Mold design quality control

Mold making quality control

1.Order the steel and mold base from brand manufacturers with guarantee.

2.Incoming material and components inspection.

3.IPQC inspection.

4.Electrode inspection.

5.Machining process inspection.

6.Tooling steel dimension control.

7.Heat treating with guarantee.

Mold making quality control

Molding samples quality control

1.FAI (First Article Inspection).  

2.Injection parameter and test video record.  

3.Full dimension inspection.  

4.CPK (Complex Process Capability index ).

Molding samples quality control
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